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*** Kingdom of Sky ***   - The Mutagenic Outcast will no longer heal itself when it kills a player pet.   *** Gameplay ***   - Zoning will no longer repair damage on attuned items. - Treasure chests should be less likely to end up in places you can't reach them. - You can once again see an NPC's target by targeting them.   *** Items ***   - The Sacrifice effect has been removed from Cap of the Plague Bringer and replaced with Curse of the Living Dead.   *** Combat ***   - All forms of evac spells should now prevent enemies from following adventurers to their destination. - Monk: Dragonbreath will now correctly modify the opponent's reuse timers. - Mystic/Defiler group wards will now work properly when they are recast before expiring. - Re-entering the range of a group maintained spell will no longer cause equipment effects to proc. For example, invisibility should no longer be broken by someone with imbued items coming into range of a group invis spell.   *** Player vs. Player ***   - There is now a 60-second countdown that begins when you elect to mentor another player. While it is in progress, moving or casting a spell will cancel the countdown. Mentoring will begin if the countdown is completed without interruption. - While mentoring, you may not make hostile acts against another player or player pet, nor can you perform beneficial actions upon any player or player pet that is hated by another player.   *** User Interface ***   - Item links should once again behave properly.
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