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Most of the raid testing will be done in closed developer led raid tests. That doesn't mean you cannot test raid if you so desire. As time goes on and things get tested, some raid zones will be opened to the general beta public. If you have a full raid force able to devote a full 3 hours to testing content feel free to shoot me a PM here on the forums or in Discord and I can check if any raid testing slots are open for sign up.

In terms of general raid related (NOT ITEMS OR CLASS BALANCE) questions feel free to ask them here and I will answer as much as I can. Some things you will likely ask so I will just answer them now:

Q: Will there be "panic" scripts on PoP raid bosses?
A: Sort of... There will be some checks for overloaded damage incoming to the boss but when these checks are triggered they will not wipe the raid instead the boss may add a buff to themselves or spawn adds that must be killed before the boss can take more damage etc. In other words it should be nowhere near as punishing and way less frustrating with you having to slow your damage down unless the script specifically dictates that you need to.

Q: How many raid zones are there?
A: 5 - But they are mostly pretty large

Q: How many bosses?
A: 49

Q: How difficult will the encounters be?
A: Its a pretty wide range. The beginnings tiers of bosses will likely be relatively easy as compared to most past entry bosses. Difficulty should scale up evenly through each tier... In other words there shouldn't be as big of a gap between tier 3 and tier 4 bosses.

Q: How will progression work?
A: Progression is going to be a little different than most are used to. You will not be able to engage tier 2 bosses until you have defeated all tier 1 bosses and the same for further tiers. That means that each zone will not allow you to complete the entire zone in some cases. For example... If you haven't killed all tier 1 bosses you may be able to fight the first 4 bosses of a zone but when you get to the first tier 2 boss, it will not allow you into their room unless you have defeated all tier 1 bosses. So, you will have to go to a different zone and seek out the tier 1 bosses you have not defeated yet to progress on to tier 2. Most zones have a lot of bosses 8-10 in most cases so you won't need to bounce from zone to zone after every boss.

If you have any further questions feel free to ask but please be respectful and constructive or your post will be removed. If you feel you cannot post constructively then please take it offline and we can talk in private.

See you in PoP!
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