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Resolve can still be used as a determination for the tier of the boss, but getting to that resolve should not take extreme amount of time. In Chaos Descending once you had the resolve to survive most of the encounters were easy to figure out. This should not be the case for Blood of Luclin. Getting to the resolve needed is where to start and then you learn how to beat the boss not just wing it and beat it because you earned the resolve. Does that makes sense?

The gear from CD will have beta buffs added to them that give you the correct stats needed for testing. So no need to get new gear. However it looks like the kael raid gear got missed so if you are testing early on you may want to carry a back or I can spawn you one if needed come raid test time.

For the record I am not answering questions that are meant as a jab at the way we have done things in the past. There is no time for that, lets just get this as best as we can. If you see an issue with the way things are set raise it as a concern in a constructive and non-generalizing way. The more details the better.
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