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Kordran wrote:

Not to mention that SoE has completely "misunderstood" (I'm being gracious here) what the original complaint was. People wanted to have access to crafting stations outside of the main city, not just relocating them from instances to "outside, in the city". In other words, places like Windstalker Village in Antonica, the crossroads in the Commonlands, the village in Thundering Steppes or the docks in Nektulos Forest (as well as in the higher tier zones, of course).

I'm just hoping that they're listening to all of this negative feedback, and not just ignoring it. Unlike the changes in LU13 and LU24 where there was resistance to changes that fundamentally improved the mechanics of the game, this is just rearranging the deckchairs and doing nothing to improve the overall gameplay for crafters -- in fact, it's not even really a neutral change just for the sake of change, it's a change with profoundly detrimental effects on the very players its supposed to benefit.

I'd really suggest that everyone who can, participate in that test on Monday (I know I am) and send them /feedback. They can dismiss forum posts out of hand; I think it would be more difficult for them to ignore thousands of negative in-game feedback reports.

Well I also hope they are listening to the complaints here. I also do feel there is some hope they will listen to complaints because they did listen to complaints when it came to T6 harvesting a while ago. Who knows maybe they have just removed the TS instances on test to force people to test the new outdoor ones and have no intent on getting rid of the Instances on live. The big problem I have with this whole thing is that the Update notes I read made it sound like the outdoor devices was option being added and the Instances were going to remain. Also the fact that no DEV have given an explanation on why they are removing the instances in the first place.
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