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Augusten wrote:
Qeynos and Freeport tradeskill instances suck equally. :smileytongue:
Cool layouts are for dungeons.  Navigating a maze every day just to tradekskill is plain silly.  One big room, have signs hanging from the ceiling over each section of stations that declare what the section is for.  Have waiters roam the room offering free food and drink... well ok, not that.

It seems to me that the layouts may have been created as they were for performance reasons.  Nice solid walls or floors make good z-buffer cutoffs to prevent effects from impacting performance for folks at other stations.  That may also be why the new stations are fairly well-separated outdoors.I know thay my performance suffers at a writing station when my line of sight includes someone else working at the same or the adjacent station, which is why I perfer the "end" stations and being positioned to look into the corner.But I'd surely appreciate free drinks, or even a temporary buff from a permanent resident of a crafting instance to have an appropriate drink's power regen :smileyhappy:Rho
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