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No.  You are correct. You never directly said people shouldn't complain.  You certainly alluded to it when you stated that you see no reason for people to complain, because, silly them (yes that was added for what was not said, but what was certainly implied), it's "just a game".

Sorry, I don't have the time, nor the inclination to level a Troub on Test server to the level my main is at now, in order to see how the changes will affect the character I have spent the past year and a half playing on the Live server.  So I am relegated to reading what those who do play on Test center report, and seeing how those changes differ from what is currently on Live. I guess I have to resort to my limited conceptualization skills, as do most other people in the same boat I am... But I can say that it probably doesn't take a rocket scientist to see how the nerfs to Charm and Mez will affect my Troub once it hits the Live server. 

I am very happy that you prefer to wait for the changes to hit the Live servers and experience them fist hand for yourself. I am sure a lot of people are of a similar opinion. That does not, however, invalidate the opinion of others that prefer to try and enact changes while the content still resides on the Test server by discussing the changes with those who do play on Test, as well as discussing the changes within the TEST FEEDBACK FORUM. It does not make the feedback they are providing any less legitimate.

I'm also glad you feel that the best way to show disdain for a product is by avoiding it.  I'm sure to most people, myself included, that is exactly what we will do if and when we reach the end of our rope.  I, however, have not lost hope that our voices will be heard. Therefore I am not compelled to avoid it (aka: quit) just yet, so I will keep posting my feedback and hope some of the powers that be read it and consider it. I hope most of the other folks here in this forum feel the same way and are not quite ready to give up on their beloved Troubs, and am very saddened to read about those who have reached that point.

Oh, and P.S. - I couldn't care less about anyone's post count. Just don't assume that I am uninformed and don't read other forums, and I won't assume that you spend too much time posting on them. People with one post tallied under their name can have just as valid of a point as someone with 10,000+ posts tallied under their name. Regardless, I am signing out on this discussion by agreeing to disagree on how best to engender change in this game. Any further disputation on that subject does nothing to further the original subject of contention: the state of the TroubadoUr as it sits on Test.

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