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JBW wrote:

I know you guys probably already saw it... but Moorguard posted this last night:

We value player feedback and read it every day on these boards and others, but to design the game through a series of polls would be a sure way to satisfy no one, and furthermore it would be an administrative nightmare. Games aren't built by voting; they are built by game designers. The customers then vote with their dollars as to whether or not they enjoy the product. Anyone looking for an MMO that matches every single ideal of what they'd like a game to be is going to be disappointed no matter where they turn.

Hence why I am adding my three votes and have cancelled my accounts. I just believe it is unfortunate that I am paid through July.

I'm sorry to see you go JBW. I enjoy your posts on the WS forums as well.

Sadly, the only thing still holding me to this game is my RL friends in my guild. If not for them I would have canceled after LU13. 

This is getting to be to much and my patients is growing thin. If SOE wants me to vote so badly I will be casting my vote for Blizzard if nothing changes. I do have friends that play WOW also, I just happen to not be a fan of the warcraft universe in general, but at this point I'm almost willing to let that go. 

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