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Mawie wrote:

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Mawie wrote:
Clearly you haven't looked at other boards then. I'm seeing a lot of people who only have second hand knowledge commenting on things.
And there have been things that have been on the test server that have not made it to live, and there are things that have gone live that have been changed back. I'm not going to count out the possibility that this might not be as seriously terrible as everyone is making it out to be.

You're incredibly optomistic or naive...  Sony's history of testing and implementing has been such a letdown to the populace that there is no doubt in my mind that we will suffer the same treatment as MANY other classes.  If anything, SOE is quick to nerf, slow to fix and very uncommunicative throughout the entire process. 

The most important thing I look for in a product is competence, whether it be a service or physical product.  Pushing out untested/broken content and making sweeping changes to the core of any class shows a lack of competence in development, testing and QA.  SOE has even commented on their "position within the industry" to explain away their bad service skills.  It's thoroughly unacceptable and people leave the game all the time as a result of it.  Sure, new people come into the game, but eventually, they will see the same problems if they choose to explore the world provided.  If they choose to take a passive role, then maybe they won't see as many of the issues, but that doesn't mean the issues are gone.

I'm going more for optimist.
I see the problems of the past, but ultimately, people adapt. People cried when templars were nerfed. People cried when guardians were nerfed. People cried when rangers were nerfed. But I still see a ton of people playing those classes to this day.
What it comes down to is that this is just a game, and I see no reason for people to complain. The best thing people can really do to show their dislike is quit.

Yes, ultimately people do adapt.  Does that make it right? 
Do a large percentage of those people adapt by making totally new characters and (for al intents and purposes) waste months of time and effort they put into the nerfed-into-oblivion class? Does that make the nerf right?
Did you stop to think that you see a ton of people playing those classes today because they finally put them back to where they can 'compete' with other similar classes in group as well as solo desireability/playability? Does that make the inital beating they took with the nerf bat right?
Or perhaps the people that originally shelved those toons can finally come back to them now that these many months later they have been fixed? Does that make the nerfing they took initially right?


What it comes down to is that people invest a lot of time, energy and money in this game. And they have every right to complain when they see that all that hard work they poured into their character is about to be thoughtlessly smashed into tiny little bits by Sony's bootheel. They have every right to complain when their character is no longer a viable option in the scope of the game. They have every right to complain when they can no longer keep pace level-wise with their counterparts just because they play at odd hours or do not always have the luxury of being able to instantly find full groups to join - guildies or otherwise.

The best way for people to show their dislike is through FEEDBACK. Quiting is nothing more than the opposite extreme of your rose-colored-glasses pacifism. It accomplishes very little because it instantly breaks the communication cycle. Adults discuss things and hopefully work out a compromise. Children pack up their bat and ball and go home. I prefer to try and deal with issues I see in a game I still love, as an adult. And apparently so do a lot of other people on this forum, fortunately. Now we just have to hope and pray that our voices and concerns do not fall on deaf ears.

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