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I play a 58 troubador. I am well aware of what impact this will have on us. With that said, there is a huge difference between saying "devs tell us what we want to know NOW" (they simply won't do it, trust me, not only do I post a lot, but I read alot, too... and more often then not, they don't jump when the players say jump) and coming in making one concise post about why the forthcoming changes are bad and what should be seen (rather than the eight that have popped up.) The templars and guardians each have one or two good stickied threads on what is wrong with their classes and what they'd like to see happen. I bet the devs read those. I say we try one. The nature of MMOs is that they change. If you don't like the change being presented, there are some really easy solutions. Yeah, they stink, but that's life. Again, wait until you've PERSONALLY tried the changes before coming here complaining. In closing, I ignore post counts when responding to people. I couldn't care less about yours or mine. I suggest some of you do the same when responding to me. K?
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