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Mawie wrote:

Clearly you haven't looked at other boards then. I'm seeing a lot of people who only have second hand knowledge commenting on things.
And there have been things that have been on the test server that have not made it to live, and there are things that have gone live that have been changed back. I'm not going to count out the possibility that this might not be as seriously terrible as everyone is making it out to be.

Clearly you prefer to assume.  What difference it makes to the original subject I am not sure, but I DO look at the other boards.  Either that or I'm not sure how I got the "Philosopher" title by only buring my nose in the Troub forums' hefty 8000 or so post count...

Correct me if I am wrong, but the purpose of a Discussion Forum is to discuss issues with the game. What you are seeing are a lot of people who are discussing changes that were posted by people with first hand knowledge from the Test server. It's not like we are pulling these changes to Charm and Mez out our posteriors.

And as someone else said, Sony's track record with pushig content through Test to Live, is not a good one.  Hence, my comments about how we need to make our concerns heard NOW, before the content goes live. WHY force the changes on the general population, when there is opportunity to modify the content while it still resides on the Test server? Isn't that what the Test server is for?  Isn't that what the Test Feedback Forum is for? Isn't that what the TroubadoUr Forum is for? Answer me that.

Also answer my original question - Do you play a high level Troub? Do you understand what impact these changes will have to the very core of our play style?

And I am not going to count out the possibility that this might actually be worse than we imagined. Sony's track record with the nerf bat is not an impressive one, nor does it allow much "optimism" in the face of reality/history. I saw what they did to Rangers. I saw what they did to Gaurdians. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. There is no need to force Troubs to live with a severe nerf on the Live servers where it generally takes weeks (if not months) for patches to fix the broken. Not when the fixes can be made on Test before it ever sees the light of day on Live.

You're an optimist.  Good for you.  I'm a realist. And I refuse to sit idly by like some beaten animal while this nerf is still on the Test center.

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