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the increase trigger chance actually lowered the number of swings based on my 5 min parse i linked in page one vs the parse i just completed. also, the overall dps of the ability decreased by 2/3 about.  current parse is pulverize: 569,900 dmg in 5 min = 1,906.02 dps ; 155 swings.

previous parse i posted on page one. Pulverize: 1,519,680 dmg in 5 min = 5,015.45 dps; 272 swings

so yeah..... even though they increased the proc rate by 60% they killed the damage amount on it. they just keep watering down that ability.

on another note. does anyone know if the end ability on the defensive line prevent incoming damage or just returns damage after it has hit the tank? if it will actually lower the inc damage then it is a good ability and is parsing about 13% damage reduction. if it is not then its another watered down ability.

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