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Definitely not 2 Mage groups unless you simply can't fill out a full scout group.

MT Group - Assassin/Beastlord w/ Beastlord Cloak for an extra 2k+ mit
OT Group - Assassin/Beastlord
Mage Group 1 Warlock (for mana drain) +Wiz/Conj/or Necro or Brigand or Beastlord
Scout Group Beastlord + Brigand, Ranger if using Brigand in Mage group

Essentially, you can really justify 4 Beastlords. You can. You can even jmake the case for having the "Mage Group 1" be a "Hybrid Group that runs Dirge instead of Troub because Dirges really are that much better than Troubs.

Swash has potential but I'm not certain they'll make the cut.
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