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Swashbuckler and Channeler.

Many raid forces run without one or both right now. Well both classes have come full circle based on gear, new abilities (swash only) and dps.

Swashbuckler - So first and foremost there are some class changes you may or may not be aware of.

1. Their raidwide Final Damage Ability buff has been more than doubled.
2. One of their bebuffs now increases all raidwide elemental damage to the target of the debuff. This is important because everyone can convert their weapons to elemental damage. There are also items that change all damage to fire damage for 40 seconds (Relic charm). Warlocks rejoice!
3. Their class cloak increase all raidiwde damage to the target of one of their CA's (which is always in anyways).
4. Their utility is increasing Bard VC's quite nicely. Which again effects the entire raid.

On the parse they are about neck and neck with conjies. Given the above 3 raidwide utilities, on top of their already good debuffs, it's kind of foolish not to bring at least one Swash on your raid. With exception of their 29% threat transfer they fit in any group. Optimal group would be mage group first and scout group second if you don't need the transfer on an off tank. You want to buff your swashies with EV. Their CA's are now #1 on their parse (versus autoattack and poison topping their parse in AoM).

Channelers - The ToT mechanics will require a good mobile healer. And nobody does it better than the Channeler.

With the new gear channelers are putting up insane, scout like, numbers on the parse. And they're doing this while doing their main job of healing/absorbing damage for their group. Some strats will require a mobile healers and the insta-rez their pet has is essential for the success of the fight. There is also their ability to convert their heals to wards, single target heals and group heals. Depending on the fight they can change healing types on the go. It's essential that all raid forces have at least one channeler in ToT.

Change your recruiting messages and websites and start recruiting for these classes. You'll want them this expac!
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