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I am a level 110 Ranger running the Plane of Innovation sig instance/quest. My gear is roughly half KA, heroic-level with the rest being PoP items.

After taking 5+ hours to get about half way through the first sig quest (Innovative Approach), I quit beta. I got tired of having to Escape, run for the zone, get caught in the furnaces, rez my merc every ten minutes or so, take three attempts at those extremely annoying, huge groups of scrapyard trash (at least they didn't respawn during the runbacks), and, yes, dying. Oh, and that was all from trash; the nameds for most part were doable in reasonable amounts of time. This was nowhere close to fun which I get beta isn't necessarily meant to be. But if it reflects anything close to what live version will be like, then I suspect I will finally give up completely.

I see that the developers are struggling to balance between making it too easy for well equipped players (I heard unverifiable reports of nameds being close to one-shot) and too difficult for casual players. I wish the developers the best for everyone's sake.
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