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So, after failing the other day with them becoming permanently immune to all damage I tried again today. Now you can't hurt them at all - either one. Even my hardest hitting ascension abilities only take them down to 99%, and then instantly they're both 100% again.

Edit: I noticed on the first pull they have 3 buffs on them and you can't do a thing to them (they stay at 99-100%), but when you run away it breaks, and they reset - they only have 1 buff on them then and you can do damage until near the end of the fight. Then 1 or the other ends up going permanently damage immune.

Also, like Shmogre - mercenaries are useless on this fight - something is killing them pretty much the very moment you start the fight. I think it is cooperation blast which I understand means you need to keep them apart - but I have no roots, no way to keep them apart, which for a solo zone (if this was duo required that might be another story) is a problem. Then after the mercenary dies I can't survive for too long with no heals and the ranged 'Hreidar Lynhillig Electrify' hitting for 2.6 million every 2 seconds. If there's a trick to this I'm just not seeing it - also, a red circle spawns, but in the circle, not in the circle - either way it seems you get hit by Electrify and Cooperation Blast.

The red circle - nothing seems to happen with that - if you're in the circle, not in the circle, if the mob is in the circle, or not in the circle - doesn't seem to matter. You're getting hit by Electrify, Cooperation Blast, and melee either way.
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