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I'm not sure if we're supposed to be able to or not yet, so heads up if we are supposed to be able to copy toons over. It's disabled still. I tried the buff thing, but without /claim or some way to get a flying mount quickly, I didn't have time (Homework and scholarship hunting for next term, as well as a sewing project involving a 7 foot tall plush robot with light up eyes) I just think I'll hold off till I can play my comfy Necro.
(Not that I could have copied today. lol All my played toons are ... were... on Crushbone. [I still say the best option for all playstyles would have been taking Dark Age of Camelot's idea of basically keeping the servers as sort of an instanced version so peeps/guilds could keep their names, cross server travel would be as easy as a world bell (for subscribers), people looking for groups/guilds/raids or looking to view houses could search all servers, and those of us who try to avoid crowds could run off to the least populated servers. All kinds of win win... except for the already overburdened programmers, but hey, job security, right?]) Tongue
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