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Maroger wrote:

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Maroger wrote:

totti72 wrote:

If you haven´t done it already , you can turn of AA confirmation.

Go to Options>Game Features .

But don't you have to logon the character to get to the options menus? I found no options menu on the Launchpad screen.

Could you give me some help here.

Your EverQuest 2 Options don't change depending on which character is logged in. Turning off Spend AA Point Confirmation is a global setting.

Also, if you use EQ2U, then all the characters you follow there have already had their AAs backed up in preparation for Chains of Eternity.

But that only turns off the CONFIRMATION of SPENDING points - it doesn't stop SOE from taking away all your points and forcing you to respend then again. That is what I don't want is to have respend over 10,000 points for all my alts.

They are changing the AAs, especially the Prestige AA tab. It's completely differerent and there is no way they could carry your choices over because the points are spent differently now.

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