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Terrogaunt wrote:

Cyliena wrote:

My mercenary was suspended and I noticed a new dropdown on the mercenary window that just says "No Change". Could this actually be... a way to have multiple mercenaries?! Or is it for something else?

This is in relation to quest mercenaries. We didn't want accepting a mercenary you're supposed to have to allow progression to replace one that you had paid for, so now there's a "reserve." When your mercenary is suspended, it shows you the mercs that you have and can call on. Unless you have a quest merc and suspend it, there's pretty much always only going to be your default in there... I should probably change it to not show up if you don't have more than one merc lol.

Oh my. That's for the Harrow End one I suppose. Thanks for listening, I didn't mind going back to Qeynos to grab my Paladin back, but I could very well imagine the rage of somebody losing a rare merc over a quest!

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