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I would like to point out a couple things about the change to making ancestral support being cast able under control effects. First, in a double conversion spec, the most you could get immunity coverage wise would be for root and mez, one of which is not going to stop you from casting, and the other almost never happens in aoe. Just straight forward, ancestral support is a weak ability by itself without prestige points in the tree below it. Next, if it was moved to immunities, that ability would need to be changed to be able to cast on the run, because if it wasn't, it wouldn't break fear, which is one of the more important things to be able to break. Also, I feel in general that the left side a mystic is sacrificing a significant amount of DPS without any real healing gains over the right side, or a double conversion, so giving it something really nice like this, I feel is a good solution. I will admit tho, the ability is powerful, and was never part of my original suggestions, and Kayshic's solution would work too, but I don't think it is quite as unbalancing as she thinks it may be. Last note, while many mystics use immunities on themselves, I always felt the better use of it, was being able to use it on other people in the group, particularly tanks. Making it a control break would take away from that.

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