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Again - what problem are we trying to solve here?  If the problem is that there aren't enough low level groups, create incentives for grouping that don't penalize others.  If the problem is that you don't want people blasting through low level content, increase the difficulty of that content or otherwise incentivize the desired player behavior.

No one is getting penalized that doesn't deserve to be penalized; they are giving incentives to people who are actively playing the game, preferably with players who are the current level.

Powerleveling is simply horrible for this game and Im glad they are looking at it.  Less laziness ftw.

Not to sound overly negative, but who are you to say I'm not playing the game "correctly"?  I pay to play on two accounts.  I pay every month.  I don't get involved in foolishness with buying/selling SC cards, etc.

I think we're on dangerous ground when one group of players dictates to another group of players how and when they should play.  My advice would be to play as you wish and allow me to do the same.

I'd also like to know how powerlevling isn't "actively playing the game."  I'd wager I've seen and experienced more of this game and more of its content than most - I take umbrage at the notion somehow I'm "doing it wrong."

How does this change prevent you from playing the game how you want to?

It doesn't prevent it, it penalizes it.  I'd really like to know how me taking 2-3x longer to level my alt Mystic benefits you or anyone else, or drives up the subscribing player base.

The opinions of many on this thread seem to be a scorched earth policy to take revenge on PLers for doing something they can't do themselves, don't agree with, or just plain don't like on philosophical grounds.

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