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Ulrichvon wrote:

The issue is, they totally failed to fix the problem.

The problem I layed out in my orriginal post that seemed to get the ball rolling on dev attention is this:

EQ2 provides incentive to not invite other people if your grinding XP.  After this change, if I invite other people the only thing that can possibly result is, the toon I'm trying to get XP for will get less xp.

Think about it, if its just me and my son's toon as my orriginal example, he will get full xp when he can hit a mob before I kill it, and he'll get legacy xp minus encounter bonus xp if he is unable to hit something before I kill it (about 50% of the time I think I one shot the encounter, so he gets no bonus around 50% of the time).

If I invite the other random people in zone, or my friends in guild who want to come along, under that 50% I estimate he doesn't make the hate list on, he would get the xp/N group member penalty cause he didn't make the hate list.

Net result, after this change, its still penalizing me for inviting more people if I'm mentoring down to help someone level.

So from my perspective, all this change is simply a giant swing and a miss.

Yes, it helps xp of people doing heroic content when no one in the group out gears that content.  Like contested SS.  A group going there who doesn't have a raid geared player in it will all get more XP with the new model.  But as soon as you bring a raid geared player (someone that out gears the content), mobs will die before everyone gets on their hate list.  The more people you bring that outgear the zone, the more xp will be fractured.

Penalizing groups cause someone outgears the content in my opinion isn't the right change to be making.

I concur. The best solution is one of the oldest sayings in literature....

"Know when to leave well enough alone".

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