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Onorem wrote:

I agree completely with your final statement. I don't care at all about the first 3 potential rewards. I do disagree that your time is better spent harvesting some random zone for the whole couple of minutes it takes to run the daily quest.

You can't get 3 or 4 at all by harvesting. Nobody cares about 1. I still will take the bet that you don't average a rare in the time it takes to finish one combine.

I've got 4 90s. I still haven't seen one. I wish I had but I'm fine with that. I have guildies who've seen several. It is just RNG at work.

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Adir wrote:

BTW, stocking up on the items does not reduce the amount of time needed to do the quests.  You still have to spend time making the items.  Whether or not you do it before you need it is irrelevant.

Zoning and running takes more time than the actual crafting. Standing in one place and stocking yourself with turn-ins does reduce the amount of time long term.

I can go days without seeing a rare as a reward from running the missions.  If I'm after rares, I'll go harvest them.  I can get several in 30 minutes time, which is roughly how long it takes me to run my seven tradeskillers through the missions.

I still disagree about pre-making the turn-ins.  Sure, it's more convenient, but it's really no time savings.  Whether you spend 10 minutes now, cranking them out, or 10 minutes over several days cranking them out, one-by-one, is irrelevent.  You still spend 10 minutes.  And I can watch t.v. either way.  For me, the time spent running from my TA to station and back is insignificant.

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