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Adir wrote:

Xianthia wrote:

Once all the recipes are researched, you can still keep doing the daily quest and get the rewards. Whether you want to do that is a completely different thing

I went for 47 days without a reactant, not to mention the crafters that have not received one at all from day one.  RNG can be really fickle and frustrating. 

I wasn't aware that you could continue doing the daily quests after the recipes were done.  That's nice to know, but the only award that makes it worthwhile (to me, anyway) is the chance at a colossal reactant.  In the amount of time it takes me to run all my tradeskillers through their missions I can pop over to a tier 9 zone and come away with more harvests and more rares than I can get from doing the missions.  The potions aren't bad, but I rarely use them, and probably have more, at this point, than I ever will.

You said you went 47 days without a many crafters do you have running the missions?  With seven crafters, I just broke 40 days without getting one.

Anyway, I realize the RNG is fickle; however, this is really starting to feel more and more like something else.  And, for those who have never gotten one, I can certainly understand their frustration.

What does what you can harvest in the same time have to do with anything? (btw, I'll take that bet on the rares and who cares about the junk harvests) It's at most a 5 minute quest even with zoning twice and crafting...or you could stock up on a bunch of finished products instead and just hail and turn in.

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