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Adir wrote:

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You probably should send them back. TAs were never meant to be a decent source for reactants. The amount of effort put in to getting one should've been enough of a hint. They were only meant to provide good recipes for people to learn and the opportunity to have some time as the person to do business with for one item or another.

I play at odd times, too. I dont' see myself getting to some of those zones anytime soon, so getting a colossal reactant is kinda moot. There's new gear coming in april that will be close enough in stats.

With a limited number of recipes, I'd never consider the TAs a "decent" source of reactants.  For me, they were the only source.  Eventually the recipes will run out and then the TAs turn into a house decoration, nothing more.  With seven level 90 tradeskillers working daily, I didn't have a problem with getting one every couple weeks.  The fact that they appear to have dried up completely, however, does bother me.  As for the notion that I can always make things for other people, in all this time, I've made a total of one item for someone else.  Too many cooks, not enough broth.

I've decided I'll continue doing the missions until the recipes currently in progress are complete, and then no more.  There is no point in it for me.

As for the new gear coming out, I really have no expectation of seeing that stuff, either.  If I can't afford/obtain Drunder level gear, what expectations should I have in being able to obtain the newer, better gear?

I'm with you.  The only thing that keeps me going is Stone threatened to make my coffee away if I quit doing the apprentice quests.  Though I can say that I did receive my second colossal reactant last week.  With the upcoming lvl increase I forsee a drop in the need for the reactants based on what people are saying in chat..

I don't see myself obtaining Drunder level gear or the new gear either.  .

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