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Well it was mentioned a while ago that I and the rest of the mystic community should share our UI configs, so let's do that shall we? I'll go first...just pray that my bandwidth holds up. Click the image to see the full size.Anyways, My UI mod is ProfitUI.  I like to think that I've managed to make everything I need visible without covering too much screen space thanks to running 1600x1200 resolution.At the bottom of the screen is a stat strip which is very handy for keeping tabs on resists during raids. Under the group window I've placed my clickies hotkey strip, super small sized in a convenient location. Combat spam is right of the group window, main chat is at the left. The group window itself has functions like auto assist when you click someone's name, and the status effect icons act as the appropriate cure when clicked, without losing your target even if it is not who you are curing. Above the hotkeys is a smaller player, target, and implied target window for quick referencing. The full sized versions of these windows is at the top of the screen with nice fat bars. Buffs are on the left, maintained showing the buff names (but sadly SOE broke the ability to see the target of the buff and duration remaining). On the right is a nice, rather compact raid window, and two rows of hotkeys that serve to equip all of my main gear plus JBoots and horsey. Upper right is my quest helper of course, and upper left is a small control center for things like the start button, volume and complex shader controls, and night vision.So let's see em guys, post your UI's!

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