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The_Cheeseman wrote:

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Except that's not what is being complained about here at all. The issue is that  the new Hard Mode zones are dropping as much loot per run as the launch easy mode, and less than the launch Hard Mode...while having a longer lockout and being more challenging overall.

Way to miss the point while at the same time inserting a novel on why you think it should be okay, when it isn't.

No, I understand the complaint perfectly. The OP is unhappy that the zones don't drop enough loot per kill and that the randomness of the loot tables means that the loot that does drop is often unusable. Seems obvious to me that they're putting in a progression curve. They made it fairly easy to acquire the launch raid gear by making drops plentiful, thereby allowing people to get their foot in the door. However, as the gear gets better, the MOBs get harder, the lockouts get longer, and the drops get less plentiful, thereby making the best gear more rare and difficult to acquire. These sorts of progression curves are pretty common in gaming, it's fast and easy at the start, but it gets harder and more time consuming the further you progress. This is intended to extend the lifespan of content and prevent it from becoming obsolete too quickly.

The OP is basically complaining because the progression isn't fast enough for his taste, and I suppose that is a valid complaint. However, it's human nature to desire quicker gratification, so if SOE acquiesced to every request to increase the rate of progression, we'd be out of content in no time. At some point a good game designer has to realize that what the players want isn't always what is best for the game, and say "tough, if you're not willing to put in the time, you don't deserve the rewards."

No, you still are not understanding.

Launch EM drops are two patterns and one item.

Launch HM drops are THREE patterns and one item.

Drunder EM drops are one pattern and one item.

This is the problem.  Drunder EM drops the LEAST amount of loot.  It is "intended" to be somewhere between Launch EM and Launch HM as far as difficult / quality goes, yet it drops LESS loot than EITHER of those.  It's wrong.

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