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Because if my guild leader or officers want to go and post on flames about our kills then thats their job. Its not mine as a member of a guild. None of my buisness. People said it cannot be killed at this moment. I posted a screenshot of the achievement and 23 other people can post it too.

As for raiding with low critical mitigation. I actually watch the casting bar on the mob and joust way far back. I also have 3 AE immunes and 1 of the 3 are always up for me. You are 100% right, raiding with that low critical mitigation is definitely not good but if you know how to play your cards it does not become a problem. I have raided everything you have and killed it with this amount of critical mitigation.

Not sure why this entire thread is being turned around though. Point is that this fight is dumb as hell but still very easy to defeat.

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