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For returning players, raise/get rid of the plat cap, and get rid of the equipment restriction. I like the idea of a short term gold trial. Even if it was only for a day, it would help a lot. I lapsed to silver a few months ago (RL decided it needed some playtime), and every time I think about logging in I'm turned off by knowing that my girls are nakey and can't access all my moneys! Regarding RAF, I don't know. Maybe the one month sub would still work with the FTP model. I'd certainly be more inclined to invite friends if this were the case (though I never did use the referral system the first time around.) edit: removed broken record-ness~!

Lets be reasonable though, the F2P model is entirely about getting the player to either convert to sub or pay more than the cost of a sub in the F2P model.

Allowing any exceptions only allows abuse.  Every example I see thrown out, even like your returning one, I see potential for how I could abuse it.

Keep in mind, they already sell a short term sub.  Isn't it a 3 day sub?  That allows you to come back full powered, play around and decide if its still fun agian.

Now, if they want to email all the ex players and give them 3 days free gold, or 2 weeks, or whatever to entive them to come back, thats a great idea as a one time carrot.  But anything else opens up exploits IMO.

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