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Freejazzlive wrote:

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Freejazzlive wrote:

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MMO's are about doing cooperative content with a large community of players.  In EQ2, that only exists at level 92.

You know why it only exists at level 92? Because the entire game up until level 92 has been gutted by SOE due to the misguided notion that only the "end game" matters.

Perhaps, but that ship has sailed, and we have to consider the game as it is today. 

Blizzard has more activity in lower levels not cause of anything they did as much as just sheer numbers.

That being said, a very functional dungeon finder that works at low levels is really nice there.  I don't actually play wow, but I watch my 12 year old play it from across the room while I'm playing my games, and I gotta say their dungeoning and tools for doing them work flawlessly.

Blizzard has more activity at all levels, & the sheer numbers, because they have never denigrated their lower level game for the higher level. That is precisely the point. You're telling us "the ship has sailed," & I'm trying to suggest bringing it back to port.IMO, & with all due respect, your approach is defeatist. It's accepting a "reality" that doesn't have to be, & which can certainly be changed for the betterment of the entire game.

But what tactics does Blizzard use to entice people to revisit old content?

I'm just confused by your thinking on that lol.  I mean once capped level in WoW what do they have in game to make you go back to visit old content that EQ2 doesn't have?  Achievements, appearance gear?  On top of that we have a mentor system, collectibles, and a crafting system that can actually be utillized at lower levels.  I'm not sure where the comparison to WoW utilization of lower levels is going to help in spruce this games up when it already has more?

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