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Davngr1 wrote:

cool changes so far but could you give troubs some sort of melee skill/accuracy buff?  or maybe make them a totaly range class by giving them some sort of bonus for using a bow like rangers get, of course on a smaller scale.    i think making dirge melee with all the scouts/tanks and troubs ranged with all the mages would work.    

 one last thing..   is there anyway you could come up with a way to make troubadors better equiped for 6 man group buffing?     i mean they do a good job of buffing the mages but their tank buffs are pretty useless compared to dirges.  i think making dirge and troub tank buffs equal but different would be cool, i see you're tying to do that with the hate transfer but i think there's room a another one or two.   

  also the accuracy buff i mention should be for the troub only not the group members since that would be taking away from the dirges role.

  ps. don't EVER give dirges an AOE!  just for the lulz..

True, then we can make angry post on how its unfair that after 6 years bards finally get a blue AE but its going only to troubs - totally logical! Lets fix troubs so they do more dmg by giving them what they both want instead of redoing some simple mechanic changes or buffs. They should give you SDA, or a buff that makes all your spells hit for double dmg for a period of time. However they choose to redo some of your abilities as a form of a bandaid - sure its preliminary but its just a baby step.

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