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liken wrote:

In the 5 days of questing as a plate tank i found 1, only 1 piece of loot that put a big smile on my face. the "Forest Giant Trinkit" .I loged in today and it is mage only now. I dont know where im going with this, Im just to mad. I can see lowering it to the 3% from 10%. But make it mage only?? man i am so mad.

Everyone who saw this item knew it was way overpowered and bound to get nerfed.  Even at 3% it would be a very powerful item.  Personally I think that for mages the 3% is probably not enough to make them seriously consider the item, but then again this was never intended to be a particularly valuable reward.  However, you have a point about quest rewards in general.  Most every quest has a cloth, leather, and chain reward, but few have plate items.  Of those that do, few of them have plate items that would satisfy a tank.  I'm fine with not immediately upgrading the nice stuff I gained over the year and a half I was 70, but at the same time I'd like to see the abundance of good upgrades to be more equal among classes.  The new emphasis on attributes like procs, crits, double attack, and so on offers lots of upgrade options to scouts, mages, and priests, but not so much for us fighters.
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