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Ascensions have everything to do with Class balance. Ascensions happen to be be in just about every classes top 5 DPS on a parse. Therefore, if you want to be T1 DPS... you need to max your Ascensions. With Ascensions so important to DPS, scout classes are forced to select gear and reforge into 200 plus spell doublecast. This takes away from the "scout" stats we should be trying to get.

Secondly, Casting Speed doesn't work for "Everything". As an assassin, most of my spells are already maxed at fastest casting time. most of our stuff is .5 seconds. So, how is loading up on Casting speed beneficial, other then Ascensions?

Saying that ascensions should not be considered in class balance is just like saying Auto Attack should not be considered in class balance. Its when you dont look at things as a whole that the balance gets all messed up in the first place.
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