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Hello Everyone

Is good to see that your so eager to participate in our events cause that is what will make us more eager to have them.

I plan on stopping in tonight for a while, just a visit so don't get too excited. I honestly can't tell you a time cause i honestly don't know when my behind will find the chair  you will just have to listen for me, i try not to be too shy and will shout out when i come on.

Now looking at MY Calendar i see that we have a couple of things coming up scheduled so far. On Wednesday, 02/09, at 10 AM we have what appears to be a snowman running around, i don't know for sure but on a guess she will be somewhere COLD, course i could be wrong and maybe they will melt in lavastorm, but i think it unlikely.

Now i see that around 4pm there will be someone around seeking something and she will be in Thundering Steppes, i know this cause her name will be Sweetpetunia, . Now to be honest i am NOT always on time, sometimes i am late with supper, sometimes i nap late and so don't get in on time, please don't be angry with me too much, i do my best to be on time but sometimes... well you know.. stuff happens

Now that is all i see at this time for this week. Please be aware that all times are Pacific times and all times are approximate  and though we all try to be on time sometimes things happen. As you know we are all volunteers and sometimes RL gets in the way.

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