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Zimike wrote:

Perhaps SOE should change "Account Age" to "Account Activated". As far as I am concerned, this is a HUGE PR mistake! I do not agree this was a bug as it did STATE "Account Age" meaning time of account creation until this point(so how people will look at it).

If they want to fix this bug, then fine, but allow people to collect the reward and allow for the bug to take affect upon next reward. Many people(including myself) looked forward to this reward and now I am maybe 4 months away from collecting it. I had a few months without Internet many years ago and feel down on hard times, but overall I have been Loyal too. For the first time in many years I am starting to think about account cancellation due to this shady move by your company(SOE).



"Shady"?  They fixed a BUG before you could EXPLOIT.  Move on.

I have an account that has been active for over 3 years, continuously, but hey as long as YOU signed up at launch and then quit for 3 years, YOU should get the rewards and I shouldn't?

This is fair and I'm glad they fixed the bug.  I shouldn't get 6 year rewards on that account, and you shouldn't on yours.  Because neither account has earned it.

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