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The guy does have a point though.  My little brother started playing over a year ago, brand new account and all.  He was able to get his 6 year vet reward, while I was not.  I had to close my account for a few months this year due to some personal problems, but have still had my sub much longer than he has.

How can you honestly justify saying "No it's not fair. At least not towards whose of us who played the game continuously. That's the whole point. You believe you are a veteran and deserve a reward. But... you are not, and you didn't act like one. Hiding behind the fact that a "friend" of yours got the reward despite his leaving isn't a excuse to give it to everybody." Tons of people have joined EQ2 over the past few years, how can you justify giving them a 6year vet reward but not someone who has had an account since launch day?

Yes it was broken, I understand that, but what Sydares wrote does have some validity.  Those of us who were not made aware of the change, or who happened to be un-subed during the change are taking a huge hit.  Is it fair that someone who has played for ONLY the past two years has an account age six months longer than mine, simply because I missed a few months on my sub THIS YEAR but have been loyal to EQ2 since launch?

^ This.

That makes no sense. With all the moaning that was done on this forum earlier this year about the 3-year Veteran's Crate being OP and making new players quit, how does a 1-2 year old account accumulate enough time to get the 6-year reward?

Curious about this myself, if this is is true then the account needs to be reviewed, the correct days put in and any rewards reviewed due to the error removed.As far as paid days, have known ths was the case back to eq1, it is the same there. Looked in the knowledge base and this what is stated there

"Veteran Rewards are items you can claim to your character based on Account Age.  You can see your account age on the Persona (P) Details tab.  Each Veteran Reward can be claimed once per character. Account age is based on paid time on EverQuest II, with bonus time given for each expansion purchased.*

*Excluding The Shadow Odyssey"

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