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Rijacki wrote:

Strums wrote:

Your absolutly right, neither of us should get the reward...however it really makes me sick thinking that people who have invested less time over all are being rewarded.  I can never get my account age back now, and no one told us about this.  It might sound trivial to some, but to me its a big deal.  Game breaker tbh...

And that's how a lot of us felt last year when people re-subbing after playing (and paying) for a month at launch were given all the vet rewards along with all the re-sub rewards not available to those who had been paying the whole time.

Yeah, I'm repeating myself.

Exactly right.  In fact, people returning not only got all the loyalty awards the rest of us got, they got more stuff!  You were actually better off quitting and coming back!  And that was just wrong, no two ways about it.

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