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"Search for the entrance to the Crypt of Decay"

I killed the 12 Primordial Malice, continued on down the path to the fork, and took the left fork. I pulled my first bubonian "yard trash" and he called 2 friends and they called 2 friends, and so on until I had a veritable dogpile on me. I'd guess my merc and I (108 warden and Zhugrus, since I can't /claim a better merc on this non-copy) died when there were about 16 on us. (We'd killed several.) On try 2, I body pulled another and pulled a trio WAYYYYY back, looked up and saw the entire remainder of the bubonians charging towards me.

I read that they were supposed to add on a named, if you didn't clear them, but apparently I am missing something since I'm not to the named yet, and I don't see how to get less of them with how amazing their hearing seems to be. BigGrin

My current process, at least until the server goes down in another hour is to kill several while also healing like a madwoman, evac. Wait for the evac timer to refresh (7-1/2 minutes), rinse and repeat/
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