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The Butcher of Hate is living up to his name. I hate him and he butchers me. I am running the signature with my conjuror. Even though I have noted that something is healing me from time to time as I am frantically dodging certain death from swipes from this monster while both avoiding the black circles and trying to lure The Butcher into them, by the time he can take damage my pet is dead and I am reaching for healing potions. Admittedly I am not very good at this type of fight, but trying to find the randomly generated circles while running for dear life is tough. Sometimes I see the circle and I get to the other side of it and he lumbers so slowly that the circle is gone before he gets there. Of course if I don't want him to catch me when I pause to try and heal myself or my pet, he rushes over and butchers me...........ugh. I gave up after about 20 tries tonight. I hope I still have the potion to get to the queen. Of course the early part of the instance wasn't that bad.......... but time is --- well time! If anyone has helpful hints, please pass them on!
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