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Cloudrat wrote:

If a band of 5 friends start at the beginning, in the same area and group together all the time doing just non epic quests and location disco getting to 90 how many AA will they have? No faction grinding, no loot whoring. no crafting, no raiding, etc etc. 

Just having fun running through Norrath, seeing the world, working together and doing quests for the npcs. What is the final AA count?

I soloed a wizard from 1-90 under a Silver account (AA slider locked at 50). Barring initially going through all of the starting areas for an AA boost, I hit level 90 with 220 AAs and no unusual activity to squeeze out extra AAs except from quests, named as convenient, and discovery. I think that path fits your question perfectly except for the 5 friends part. SMILEY

I'm having difficulty recalling whether 220 was the actual stop point or if I did some grinding before getting frustrated with the AA gate and rolling an alt, but I was sitting at 220 when I started my grind to 280 last weekend.

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