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While I don't disagree these things should be in game, since macros became drag & drop to create, I don't find it tedius to swap, I have my gear, crafting, tinkering, transmuting macros on each crafter & just click the button. But please add the OP's suggestion, which has been requested many times over the years. We shouldn't have to waste 1 AA spec for crafting while those who don't craft get to have a group and a solo AA spec. (though I'm not maxed on AAs, since I don't have a lot of time to play & haven't closely examined the trees lately, so for all I know once you are max you have more than enough for everything)

Cinnimon wrote:

I’m not sure about others but having to go to house to swop out AA lines is a waste of my time if you happen to be out about harvesting & adventuring and want the maximum AA for both.

Also, it just like the Tradeskill armor…why can’t we benefit from both? Why not add a separate TS armor tab for Tradeskill armor that we can maybe check to be in effect or not if out an about?

This having to swop out is tedious and one of biggest things I really hate about this game because I have bag slots filled with this and sure could more room when adventuring.

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