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Kuulei wrote:

As an avid crafter, do I forego the crafting aa's so my healing is up to par?  You bet I do.

What I have lost however, is the ability to have a group and raid AA setup or a Heal and Solo setup and keep a tradeskill / gathering AA setup.

They NEED to re-evaluate this, rather than forcing me to forget my passion for tradeskilling effectively.

you havent lost anything by force. spending zero AAs in the tradeskill tab is almost like before they added the tab in the first place the only difference is you get 20 more aas to spend.

The AA system is designed as a pick and choose system and you want to undermine that? why dont you ask them to seperate AAs into specific types for all of the tabs at the same time?

It is your own choice on where to spend them and not soe. you have tfour options spend all your AA in adventure, spend 300 AAs in adventure and 20 in tradeskill, spend 280 in adventure and 40 in tradeskill or any mixture of the two.

you havent 'lost' anything you have gained an additional 20 AA points to allocate where you choose.

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