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I do not feel outright removing the gear restrictions to be the best suggestion here.  Rather, some of the content should be adjusted to take free-to-play into account.  Destiny of Velious basic quest gear really shouldn't all be legendary.  Yes, it is a significant step up from previous expansion but that has been the case for every single content expansion released to date.  Gear gets better, or people wouldn't play with the content.  That shouldn't be reason to completely do away with the treasured equipment tag in the later content.

Unfortunately, item tags have become less and less meaningful with each expansion.  Legendary gear used to mean the gear was exceptional.  It seems gear with a Treasured tag is currently the rarest type of item you find in the end game, which seems backwards.  

I would not be against simply changing the majority of Velious solo-quested gear from legendary tag to treasured tag.  The stats of that gear really isn't amazing when you consider the heroic instanced gear, so it shouldn't have the same quality tag for the same expansion.  Free-to-play folks would have a reason to actually purchase DoV and be able to enjoy some of the solo content.  If they delve into heroics, then they'll start getting gear that is worth purchasing unlockers for.  

For the record, I am not and never have been a free-to-play person.  I was against all RMT, but at this point understand that it is inevitable to keep today's MMO's floating.  The current restrictions make sense the way they are, but some of the itemization and content design choices do not.

Felshades wrote:

Maybe they should only lock out fabled?

It would make it easier for the folks that bought DoV to not get the shock factor and such when quest rewards are only legendary and would allow people to use quest rewards before, like dungeon quest rewards and the end line for the zone rewards, and the cloud mount line.

Also, I'd like to see that cloud mount come "unlocked". You do a long quest series to get a cloud for a ground mount.. that's fabled and unusable.

Why is this game Advertised free to play because you can play it like a bad trial? for free and not have any fun at all

You cannot play in DOV unless you purchase DOV, you cannot use anything in DOV unless you buy a trillion unlockers after forking out over $10,000 in order to play the game that was suppose to be free to play?

has anyone els ever heard of another company implementing free to play so stupidly

I have heard of unlocking bag slots and bank slots and a ton of merchandise in cash shops in free to plays, but nickel and dimming the players to buy an unlocker for each spell or piece of gear in game to progress and play the game is far below the belt and isn't free to play

This free to play model would make a funny simpsons christmas special with scroog theme

If they wanna call this free to play then we shouldn't have to pay money in order to ware the clothes on our back that are required to play the game, that we either won in game a contest or looted quested ect in order to progress through game, fabled legendary ect shouldn't matter

If this is free to play why do we have to repurchase every single class and race in the game after purchasing the original Everquest II game to unlock these

If this is free to play why do we have to repurchase the fae and arasai races again after purchasing EOF exspasion

If this is free to play why do we have to repurchase Sarnak after buying kunark expansion

and the pop up browser every time when logging out of game is Intrusive

The FBI is encouraging users to visit a website run by its security partner, , that will inform them whether they're infected and explain how to fix the problem. After July 9, infected users won't be able to connect to the Internet.
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