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millie wrote:

With toolboxes full of room tiles we could mix and match to build our own map

Event triggers to spawn mobs

One way doors

The ability to design non-linear content.

The ability to set 'victory conditions' that did not involve killing every mob in the zone.






During the webcast, Brasse made a particularly smarmy comment -- "So now all of you people who have ever complained about how badly the designers make dungeons in EQ2, now you can show them exactly how the pacing should be done, where the mobs should be, and so on, cause we all know you’re the experts."

Except that we aren't being given any of the tools that developers have. We're being told "ok, go design dungeons you snotty little whiners" yet both of our hands are tied behind our backs. There is no way for us to make a dungeon that can even touch any of the scripting or setups of "official" dungeons. We are extremely handicapped, even if you forget about not being able to play our own characters for a minute. So SOE will be able to say "see, the players can't make dungeons as good as ones made by our artists!"

I can see why they renamed it from Design Your Own Dungeon. You don't Design it. It's not Yours. And you don't "Own" it. Dungeon Maker or maybe Dungeon Decorator would have been the best title for it.

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