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I am new to EQ2 and have been working on a mystic.   I have been able to level him up to the 60's, mostly grouping with a friend who plays a Wizard, so I do a lot of warding and healing.   I find that when I need to solo or fight, it takes forever to kill anything.   I have AAs in Agility to get Tribal Rage, as well as getting all the Melee CAs in the Mystic tree.   I still find that I can't kill things very fast, and run through all my CAs and spells and then have nothing to cast and the mob is still not dead.  I realize that I am not a killing machine, but it seems it should be faster than this.

I also have a problem with dogdog pulling aggro on everything.   Even if I set him on just follow me and do not protect me or himself.   So much so, that I have stopped using him.   Now mobs that are beating on my wizard friend will abandon him to come attack me.   He should be squishy-er than me, no?     What do I need to do to reduce my threat?

I know these are noob questions, but I poured through the postings and just didn't see answers to these questions.

Any help would be appreciated.


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