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Just started playing EQ2 myself and decided to roll on Nagafen.  Level 28 guardian in less than a week, been killed about 10 times and have 16ish kills.  I've also leveled up my alchemy to 26 in this time.  Don't have master crafted gear, only have about 15 AA, haven't level locked once.Whats the big deal with being ganked?  You don't lose xp, you can generally choose to rez in 3-4 different spots, you get immunity...I mean if any of you leveled in WoW back when it came out on a pvp server the ganking was far worse in say STV when a lvl 60 would show up and could corpse camp you until you decided to spirit rez.  (though if SOE removed level restrictions on pvp I bet you'd see a heck of a lot less twinking SMILEY)I rolled here because I have no interest in easy mode games, I enjoy both PVE and PVP, but how exciting is PVE when there is no reason to watch your back?Admittedly I don't solo much on a guardian, but this is an MMO, if you can't make friends go play a single player game.  There ARE ways to avoid ganking but honestly I find myself taking the easy way out less and less because it's just not as much fun.  Even as a lowly non twinked guardian that couldn't solo pvp his way out of a paper bag when I'm rolling with my friends (also non twinked) we certainly do come up against twinked groups and sometimes win.  Its not impossible, it just takes some strategy and not having completely crap gear.In short, people that start on a pvp server (and the game itself) thats been online for a long time HAVE to expect that people are going to have more experience, better gear, and yes have an advantage.  Otherwise why not just play an FPS?  If you're having problems stop reading the twink guides and out level the gankers.  Don't spend all of your time in heavily contested pvp areas...what do you expect?  For them to NOT PVP on a PVP server?(oh and p.s. taunts working in pvp may just be the best pvp feature in any game on the market)
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