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Well i come from a pvp server and these nerfs hurt the conj pretty bad.  The shattered line of spells was the conj's only saviour to the stealth scout due to its stifle and 2 sec cast time ( temor never helps cause as you know the stun durations are greatly reduced in pvp and u pretty much can't even tell there is a stun with it).  Now with 3 secs to cast well....if u get jumped good luck getting it off.  With all the interupts and a 3 sec cast'll laying on the ground b4 u can get it off.  Now both the conj's stuns/stifles (or "daze" i guess) being 3 sec cast times and the reduced dps on pretty much everything we had, well lets just say it sucks.  I mean we wear cloth..we need some dps.
As for raiding goes its also a little tougher to get all the dps out that u can.  With 60sec recast swarm pets and the 17.whatever % reduced dps.  I mean with a named the first AE and there goes most of your dps, if u have your scout pet well then there goes 80% of your dps.  I think conj's had such good dps in the first place is because alot of it is pets that have little hp.  I thought the reduced damage on the tank pet was pretty funny though....that just how bad we got it.  Sony even took the worst dps pet we had and nerfed it. 
But all said and done all i ask is that they give us back our damage and 2 sec cast on shattered terrain and our 30s recast on our other stun.  If you think about it warlocks have ae's that can do 3x's the damage ours can so at least give us our 2 seconds cast time back.
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