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Ogremindes wrote:

General_Info wrote:

Ogremindes wrote:

As far as I can tell, the game is essentially unplayable past level 20 without either a monthly sub or being constantly nickle-and-dimed. For me, at least, the former is not an option. The latter is unequivocally obnoxious. Disappointing, the game up to 20 was fun, but at least it came up before I bought any of the expansions.

Downloading LOTRO now, I've heard good things about it and its silver equivalent seems to be not obnoxious at all.

Bye. It was a fun 40-or-so hours, but it doesn't look like I'll be back.

first off the game isn't "unplayable past level 20" for free accounts first get yourself in a guild which is new player friendly second ask around and see if anyone can make you some handcrafted or mastercrafted armor/weapons. if you are lacking on crafter type or another then invest in it yourself.

with a guild it is very easy to level crafter and keep yourself high enough to keep crafting yourself equipment to use when you adventure.

I craft my own armor and shields and the only thing i need made seperately is the occasional sword. as for food/drink i dont need any since i have another toon as a woodworker so i can make myself health/power regen and other totems.

EQ2 is very playable for a free account if you bother to do your research on it.

Sounds like a giant PITA, and there's too many great games around to put up with any BS.

Which part is a PITA? Joining a guild, making a few friends, crafting or D) All of the above?

Welcome to MMORPGs. Enjoy your stay.

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