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I thought I might put forth an interactive story for all to participate in if they like.  The plot revolves around recovering an item from the Temple of War in Freeport.  I will set the stage, and then withdraw from the story, and let you writers take it wherever it may go.  You may introduce new characters and new plot lines along the way, and indeed I hope that you do.  Please no god-modding and killing off of another's character without their permission, or attributing motives to their actions you could not know.

These forums have been very quiet of late, and I worry that there are not enough active writers still here for this type of thing to work.  We will see.

At any rate, here is the set up, where it goes from here, (if anywhere), is up to you.

__________________________________________________ _______________________________________________

Seremella was tired. The walk from the docks alone hadtested her strength. She sat down on the bench, herbreathig heavy, and labored.

Lady, are you well?

Seremella looked up at the Paladin, worry etched onhis brow.

Yes Veon, I am just a little--tired. Here, give meyour arm and help me rise, it is only a little bit further.

Stooped over, and leaning heavily on the big warrior'sarm, the old woman moved slowly through the marketplace in the Willow Wood.

Thank you Veon, this is far enough.

Across the cobbled street, a modest two-storiedbuilding. On the sighnpost, in simple letters;

House Amaranthine

Seremella sat looking at the building for a longwhile. Behind her, ever vigilant, the big man grewrestless.

Why are we here? he finally asked. This is a waste oftime!They don't know, and even if they did, they wouldn'tcare.

Veon had no love for Elves. To him they were littlemore than children, whose only interests were singing,writing poetry, and dancing around with garlands in theirhair.

Seremella answered slowly.

How long has it been Veon, since you took the vow?

The Paladin stood quietly.

You know, Lady.

Yes Veon, she said softly to ease the rebuke. We havebeen together now for twelve years, and you haveserved the Order and I faithfully and well.

I am an old woman, and now my time is near.  I can sense it. 

Veon started to say something, but Seremella raisedher hand, silencing him.

Do you not find it ironic, Veon? Even the youngestthere, she gestures at the house, was in their youthwhen my parents were children. Most were alive when mygrandparents were in their prime.

Yet their vision is the vision of youth. Elves are notlike us.

Two generations hence, they will be in the prime oftheir lives, long after we have passed through theveil.

If they act like adolescents, it is because they are.Twice my age, yet still full of the energy of youth.

How can we get them to take anything seriously, thereis great danger. Something must be done NOW, not ahundred years from now!

Fear not my good friend. Youths they may be, but theyand their kind are not fools. And their memories reachback to times before the Blessed Twins breathed lifeinto the firstborn.

Seremella rose uncertainly to her feet, Veonsupporting the fragile old lady.

Do you think she knows? he asked.

Yes, yes I do, but I do not think she knows she knows.

Together, the old woman and the tall warrior madetheir way slowly through the crowd toward the warf.

__________________________________________________ ______________________________________________

The old woman and the tall warrior waited patiently amid the bustle of the docks.Newly arrived refugees stand about looking bewildered while sweating dockworkers methodically load cargo, and the Harbor Master checks and stamps cargo manifests. A street urchin approached tentatively under the scowl of the big man asking for some coppers. The old woman chuckled softly, and from her purse gave a couple of copper coins to the young Ayr 'Dal.This is for being brave, she told him, not for begging.After a while a small, lanteen rigged boat glided up to the warf. Emblazoned upon the sail is a single red rose.Strong hands helped the old woman on board, followed, as always, by her companion. The bold Ayr 'Dal lad looked on from the warf.Just before they cast off, the old woman glanced ever so briefly behind her shoulder toward the village, and then gestured to the boy to come closer. As he bent down, she said something softly, and handed the young lad an envelope and several more coppers.The boat cast off and sailed slowly in the general direction of the Qeynos docks, rounded a bend, and was lost from sight.The lad ran off toward the village, and at a spot across the cobbled street from a modest two-storied building, he placed an evelope on a bench.

__________________________________________________ ______________________________________________

The envelope:


May the blessings of Erollisi shelter you and all within your House.

My name is Seremella, of the Sisters of the Rose of Erollisi Marr.  Our order has information that is of great importance to you and those whom you protect.

Recently, an expedition was undertaken by our Order to Freeport to try to recover anything from the old Temple of Marr and the Guild House of the Knights of Truth as could be found. There was not much left as the Temple had been taken over by the Overlord, and the Abbey, now abandoned, was in ruins and had been completely ransacked.

However there was one very significant item discovered, (probably because it did not appear to be important), that has become the focus of intrigue and controversy.  Sadly, we were not able to take possession of it, and it remains under the control of the Militia.

This item is known as the Dargon Tapestry. It is written in the Druidic tree writing of Kelethin, and so it is not readily apparent that it is a document at all.

The reason it is important and being sought is because it is a geneological tree of the bloodlines of the royal houses of the Feydwer.

The actual history of the Elves is much more convoluted and ruthless than the mythos that has emerged from Felwithe with the ascendancy of the previous royal family.

With the old order swept away in the Shattering, the old claims and inter-nacine fighting have again re-emerged, particularly here in Qeynos.

Make no mistake, those that seek the tapestry are ruthless and powerful; and not to be trifled with.

The Sisterhood is aware of the repurcussions of existence of this item, and although we have no direct stake in this power struggle, we are quietly trying to accumulate information on any survivors who may be linked by blood to the Houses on the Tapestry.

No matter how far removed, any connection, no matter how tenuous the link, may prove fatal.

There is one residing within your House whose name appears on that tapestry. The Sisterhood has taken it upon themselves to find, identify, and observe any branches that may still exist. There were many petty kingdoms, sub-kingdoms, and clans that existed, and sorting out what claim is legitimate is nigh impossible. In the end it is likely that force of arms will prevail.   Until then we will gather information, observe, and wait.

You and your House may be in great peril.

Please meet with me personally at Caer Windstalker or at the office of the Mother Superior in South Qeynos.

Your obedient servant in Love,

Sister Seremella

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________

Why you little weasel! Try ta cheat me will ya, I'll slit ya from crotch to crown fer that!

Chairs overturned, and drinks went flying as the big man made a grab for the Ratonga sitting across from him. The Ratonga deftly avoided the big man's grasp, and slid easily between his legs, leaping onto his back piggy-back style. The big man howled in pain as sharp teeth fastened onto his ear! Round and round they spun like dervishes, as the Barbarian tried to simultaneously spin the Ratonga off, and reach behind him at the same time; hopping first on one foot, and then on the other. Patrons doubled over with laughter, and coins plopped down on the bar as wagers were made. In the midst of the commotion, the tavern door opened and two figures momentarily blocked the dim light streaming in through the door. The room fell suddenly quiet, the big man standing stupidly with the Ratonga still riding piggy back; both staring. All eyes were on the two strangers, and an odd sight they were--especially there at the Mermaid's Lure. A truly enormous man in full plate armor, wearing a white surcoat, stood silently; his hand on his sword hilt.That in itself caused a few raised eybrows and side glances, but it was not enough to put this crew off, as they were a rough lot, and used to handling themselves both at sea and ashore. No, it was the man's companion that drew all the attention. An old woman, stooped over and leaning heavily on her staff for support, slowly made her way to the bar. She wore a white habit and cloak, with a single red rose embroidered above the left breast. A Sister of the Rose of Erollisi Marr. The patrons parted for her silently as she approached the barmaid. The Ratonga quietly slid off the big man's back, and people turned back to their drinks. The show was over, and the talk was low. The old woman offered her hand to the barmaid; I am Sister Seremella, and this, she said, gesturing to her companion, is Veon. The big man nodded slightly, but said nothing. I have been given to understand that those who have dealings in Freeport may sometimes be found here. Is this so? The barmaid somewhat stupidly nodded yes, despite the elbow jabbed hard into her ribs by the tavern owner. Seremella smiled, glancing over at the Ratonga near the wall. Would you kindly see that one whose name is Ixixic recieves this?  He comes here often --or so I have been told. She handed the tavern owner an envelope. It was unaddressed, and was sealed in wax with the symbol of a red rose. The old woman nodded in acknowledgement, then turned and made her way slowly to the door and out into the street, followed silently, as ever, by her companion.

__________________________________________________ ______________________________________________

The note:

Passage is required aboard a sound ship with experienced captain and crew for six passengers. The destination is Freeport, and to a location north by northeast of that place some three hundred leagues.

The voyage is expected to last three to four weeks.

A payment of two hundred gold crowns per passenger, with an additional three hundred crowns to be paid to the captain is offered.

A partial payment of six hundred crowns will be provided in advance, with a further two hundred crowns upon safe arrival in Freeport, and the remainer upon safe return to Qeynos.

If interested, please make arrangements to meet with our representatives, Brother Tirno and the Ranger Conner, at this place four days hence at vespers.

__________________________________________________ ______________________________________________

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