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Welcome to EQ2! Personally, I didn't find brig to be a 'tough start', mine was kickin' [I cannot control my vocabulary] right out of character creation, but yeah, 50+ brig is just god-like. To answer a few of your questions: AA XP: You'll earn AA from quests, killing named mobs and exploring new areas. Plus, when you get to 70, all your combat XP is put into AA. You don't have to turn of combat XP to get AA, it comes in anyway. Poisons: You can buy poisons from vendors, but they won't be nearly as powerful as player made ones, which you can buy from the broker. However, you can do fine with vendor ones in the lower levels. And, no, you don't need to be an alchemist, but it helps to know one SMILEY For picking AA's, I would heartily recommend Walk the Plank, it makes soloing a lot easier, especially when you get all your stuns. Also, at the end of the agility line, you get Sailwind SMILEY
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