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The game is downloading as I type this.It's down to 16 minute and change!

I'm a brandnew EQ 2 player and I'll be making a brigand on the AB Rp server.I know I'm in for a rough ride starting out,but from what I've read here tonight it seems being a level 50+ Brigand is more than worth the tough start.

 I have all the expansions and plan to start aa's asap...I think that is level 10?

I'm undecided on what line to go down.What would you guys recommend for an untwinked Brigand? I was thinking Agility line for "walk the plank".

Also how do I get my AA's to go up? I've read just do many quest but I'm unsure how this works.I turn off my normal exp and just quest? Is there an option to turn AA exp on?

I've read poisons make soloing much easier.Do I need to be an alchemist to make the good poisons?Can you buy poisons off a npc vendor that are just as potent as player made poisons?

 That's it for now.I have to say I am so excited to start playing my Brigand.I've read all the class forums today to get a feel for things.I must say Brigands and Mystics both seem to really like their class choice,and well,Brigand is just more my style *Evil smirk*

 /clobber for now!


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